Look Up Licenses
The HBA of Michigan encourages professionalism in the building industry and takes pride that members are licensed with the State of Michigan. Is your building or remodeling contractor licensed?  Click here to check.

How to Choose a Builder or Remodeler
If you're considering building a new home or remodeling the home you're in now, here's a checklist and important information to help you select your contractor.  Read more . . .

Beware of Unlicensed Builders
Homeowners are more likely to be victimized as a result of using unlicensed builders on their residential construction projects. Not only is using an unlicensed builder illegal, it can be a costly mistake that can turn a dream residential construction project into a nightmare.

HBA of Michigan Executive Vice President for Government Relations Lee Schwartz talks about the pitfalls of using unlicensed builders for residential construction projects.

Handling Disputes
The HBA of Michigan urges you to deal with a professional contractor so you will be satisified at the end of your building or remodeling project. However, the State of Michigan offers many suggestions for mediation, settlement and filing a complaint if you do find yourself unable to avoid a problem situation or a dispute. Click here for information.

A Rite of Spring Time: Unlicensed Builders Pulling Scams on Michigan Consumers
There are a few things you can count on when spring arrives. Daylight savings time, warmer temperatures, rain and unlicensed builders that prey on unsuspecting consumers with building scams and rip-offs.

“Unlicensed scam artists will try to con you in several different ways,” said HBA of Michigan CEO Robert Filka. “They will tell you it’s cheaper to do the job if the consumer pulls the building permit or that no permit is needed. They do this because without a builders license, they can’t pull a building permit. If no permit is pulled, there will be no inspections done to assure the quality of work or that it meets the requirements of the Michigan Residential Code (MRC).”  Read More . . .